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Sewage pump sudden cardiac arrest 20 cm deep sewage flooded culvert bridge in Tiexi

發布時間:2017/1/15 10:34:13

At 8:30 on the morning of March 3rd, Cui people call the newspaper news hotline 2220000, said a large area of water in Iron Horse Road vegetable wholesale market in the south of about 200 meters of the culvert, and from the public to the inconvenience.

Subsequently, the reporter came to the incident location found in the culvert beneath the water, about 20 meters in length, just below the deepest place in the culvert about 20 cm deep, but did not find the water is coming from what place.

From the public to ride a bicycle most of the choice of the culvert on both sides of the ground above the ground more than ten centimeters wide about 1 meters of the road teeth riding, while the vehicle when traveling to here, are careful to pass, so as not to stall.

Even so, at about 9:30, a black car traveling from north to south in here when accidentally stalled in the water can not be pulled out, the driver and the car company had to take off shoes and socks into the water cart.

The reporter found the news in the control room on the west side of the culvert and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau canal squadron staff.

Staff told reporters that the bottom of the culvert water from the underground sewage pipe. "There is a sewage pipe culvert in the bottom of each district sewage mainly from the surrounding, and there is also a weighing about ten tons of sewage pump, the pump will be sent to the village finally enter the sewage treatment plant pumping station. But this morning about 4 o'clock, the culvert at the bottom of the pump suddenly stopped working, leading to the sewage can not be timely output, so the bottom of the sewer overflow through the culvert." Staff said.

Reporters learned that the culvert bridge under the pump is put into use in 2011, is still within the warranty period, as to why the pump stops running, the staff said they were investigating. "Should be short circuit in the pump, because the closing of a switch, let go again jump." Staff speculated that.

In order to restore normal traffic of the culvert in time, the squadron staff at about half past ten to the transfer of a machine on the ground to the roadside a sewage pumping station sewage discharged into the small village. Up to 11:40, the water was pumped out of the road, the road is back to normal.

At present, the city management squadron staff has opened the lid on the pump for its maintenance, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.