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From the Qinghai Tibet railway to the Olympic main hall

發布時間:2017/1/15 10:35:53

Known as the nine "world's most" Qinghai Tibet railway, is the pride of the Chinese people!

All the countries in the world to participate in the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, so that the Chinese people proud!

The construction of Taocheng engineering rubber industry cluster as the Qinghai Tibet railway, the main Olympic Museum has contributed to Hengshui's more proud!

Taocheng engineering rubber products used in 3/4 after following the success of Subgrade of Qinghai Tibet railway, and the main Olympic Museum -- the bird's nest project. In addition, Taocheng engineering rubber products are also widely used in the Shantou Bay Bridge, the National Grand Theater, the Beijing Kowloon Railway, Beijing Zhuhai Expressway and other national more than 8 new national key projects in railway and highway. Hengshui rubber Limited by Share Ltd which a company on the domestic more than 3 thousand bridge for the product. This is the most widely used "rubber" products, so people Taocheng said proudly: "engineering rubber products" we set up a "national key project!"

Rubber industry is the focus on the development of characteristic economy in Taocheng district. Existing production and circulation enterprises 1394, employing 18 thousand and 500 people, of which engineering rubber products accounted for more than 45% of the national market share. Was named "Hebei's top ten industries", "Hebei province most growth characteristic industry; Taocheng District was named the national" China (Hengshui) engineering rubber manufacturing industry base "," township of Chinese rubber products".

Why can the Taocheng engineering rubber industry cluster development so strong?

The history of the development of rubber is a peach, the history of science and technology innovation. Constant technological upgrading, transformation, research and development of new products, is the industry to maintain rapid development, rapid growth of the source of power

Taocheng rubber industry began in the last century, 50s and 60s. In the "food for the program", the people unwilling to be poor in the Taocheng quietly processing rubber ring, rubber mats and other products of the industry, the formation of the industrial cluster rudiment several key villages surrounding the village development. 70s is a period of great development of rubber products. Smart people in Hengshui, as long as the need to see what the rubber products on the machine, you can create a "model" hot pressing out of the product, and soon developed into all the applicable rubber products. At that time, the Hengshui County rubber products industry accounted for about 75% of the proportion of the collective enterprise. In 80s, the term "engineering rubber" was first cited in the country. Taocheng rubber enterprises in the new situation of product market competition, and gradually extended to the highway bridge, railway bridge and other large projects, the rubber products used in these projects are multiplying rapidly. They used the works of rubber products collectively referred to as "engineering rubber" in the national industry has been recognized. At that time, the country has no uniform standard for engineering rubber products. Because the rubber Taocheng successfully assumed the highway and railway bridges and other major projects in 1987, they cooperate with the Ministry of communications has developed the first national standard of plate rubber bearing. In 1988, the domestic enterprises, the first to reach Taocheng rubber enterprises issued by the Ministry of communications industry standard.

In 90s to the present, is the period of great development of rubber industry and patent taocheng. Perhaps a certain industry development to a certain level, the need for scientific and technological innovation traction. In 90s the last century Taocheng rubber industry has emerged in a number of key enterprises. These backbone enterprises not only to the market to compete, but also more intuitive to see the fierce competition between enterprises. They see, in 1994 the Hengshui rubber Limited by Share Ltd in China first engineering rubber technology patents, in the Shantou bay bridge international bidding, beat many competitors in the international market, to achieve the first domestic enterprises in the first bid, both over China's large bridge expansion device dependence on imported history, Zhuang Guowei; also make the enterprise benefit rapid growth. At present, Taocheng engineering rubber industry group has won 86 national patents, accounting for 67.7% of national patents in rubber engineering.

In the competition and innovation atmosphere, Taocheng District government will encourage enterprises to develop, in the light of its general trend, production, reserve combination, integration of the road to go. Scientific research institute has helped 24 key enterprises and more than and 60 colleges and universities, the establishment of a solid technical cooperation relationship to the enterprise; sending more than 200 various types of professionals; for enterprises and high-tech and high value-added project coordination funds several hundred million dollars; cultivate 10 technology leading enterprises; promote the 69 key enterprises to establish a sound product development system and first-class testing system.