Olalla Valley Golf Course



chippinggolf green

HOLE #1 – “Around The Bend” Par 4

Black Tees: 353 yards Ladies: 327 yards

The first hole at Olalla Valley is a gentle dogleg from left to right & features an elevated tee box for tee shots. Out of bounds on the left side of the hole is marked by the white line on the street of Olalla Road. The entire left side is guarded by many large and beautiful pine trees that form a natural barrier against the Out of Bounds. The right side of the hole features the beginning of Olalla Creek, and is marked with red lateral hazard stakes. The green is the smallest at Olalla Valley and is slopped from back to front.

Pro’s Tip: Hit a Long iron or hybrid off the tee to find the fairway on this tough opening hole, which features a very difficult opening tee shot to start off your round. Big hitters that go with a power fade with the driver can be left with only a short lob wedge into the green, but with OB left and Water Hazard right, hitting driver is a risk. Anything short of the green on your approach is fine, just be sure to not go over the green, as the slope of the green runs away from you, and makes your chip shots hard to hold the green. Par here is a very good score.

chippinggolf green

HOLE #2 – “Warren’s Crossing” Par 4

Black Tees: 326 yards Ladies: 308 yards

The second hole is named after the course architect Vernon Warren & features the crossing of Olalla Creek, near the landing area from the box. Olalla Creek runs up the right side of the hole, and then players will cross a bridge as the creek winds its way over to the left side of the hole. This hole also features an elevated green that is guarded on the right side by some of the tallest trees at Olalla Valley. OB is marked on the left side with the white lines on Olalla Road. Balls hit into the trees from the fairway, or behind the green are to played as Lateral Hazards.

Pro’s Tip: Big hitters that take driver & hit it straight off the tee will easily carry Olalla Creek & be left with a short wedge for their approach shot. Hitting driver to the right & long will really hurt your chances of making par, as some very large trees will block your view of the flagstick. Hitting short of the creek off the tee will improve your chances on a decent score on this hole. It is anywhere from 180 to 215 yards to carry the creek off the tee box. The approach shot is to an elevated green and one that can play up to 1 club more than normal. Missing long or right on this approach shot is something that should be avoided. The green is two tiered, and has a very strong ridge from back to front that runs through the middle of the green. Many players remember this hole, because 3 putts on this green is a regular occurrence.

chippinggolf green

HOLE #3 – “In Contention” Par 4

Black Tees: 385 yards Ladies: 313 yards

This hole signifies to the golfer the real beginning of what Olalla Valley has to offer; this hole is a severe dogleg from right to left off the tee. This is a beautiful hole with Olalla Creek winding up the entire right side of the hole; it is marked with red lateral hazard stakes. The entire left side of the hole is to be played as a Lateral Hazard. The green is protected by a large apple tree that sits behind the green, and a severe slope to the left. The green slopes from back to front, and features a large ridge on the left side of green. There is no OB on this hole.

Pro’s Tip: If you can hit a power draw with your driver, this is the hole to do it. A long tee shot with a tumbling draw can leave big hitters with a short iron into the green. This hole is difficult because of the long length of the dogleg, be sure to hit a solid tee shot here, missing short and or to the right off the tee is no good and brings Olalla Creek into play. The approach shot can vary in distances a great deal, as the landing area is right at the crest of the dogleg. Approaches that miss to the left usually end up on the green and close to the hole, because of a sever slope that is just off the left side of the green, it’s a good place to miss. Missing long and over this green is not a good place to be. Get a good read on this green, as it has some very subtle breaks in it.

HOLE #4 – “Snapshot” Par 3

Black Tees: 120 yards Ladies: 103 yards

The fourth hole is the first of two par 3’s on the golf course, and features a fabulous looking tee shot from the elevated black tees; as some overhanging branches from behind the back tees, form a natural picture frame for the golfer standing on the box looking at the green. The Green is elevated and sits alone looking down at the most of the golf course. This green is sloped from back to front, and can be very fast during the summer months. There is no OB on this hole, golf balls hit into the trees on the left or long are to be played as lateral hazards.

Pro’s Tip: This is a very easy green to hit, and a par 3 that can be attacked by all types of players; however be sure to not get overaggressive and hit your golf ball over the green or to the right of the green as both usually result in bogey or worse. In the summer time be sure to take enough club to land the ball in the middle or back portions of the green, as balls hit short will usually roll off the green. This green slopes severely in spots from back to front, and can be very fast when putting downhill.

chippinggolf green

HOLE #5 – “Fork in the road” Par 5

Black Tees: 473 yards Ladies: 381 yards

The fifth hole is the first of three par fives at Olalla Valley and features the largest and most severe sloped fairway on the golf course, and in the area of central Oregon! Several large pine trees also guard the right side of the fairway and have an effect on nearly every tee shot hit that is played. These large trees look very intimidating off the tee and provide a lasting memory to the golfer. A very large slope also runs from left to right as the fairway cuts up and around the large trees on the right side. This hole gives players some options off the tee, as playing your tee shot up #3 can look like the safer play, but the approach shot when taking that route can bring lots of trouble into play. Olalla Creek runs up the entire right side of this hole, as it creates a natural border with the third hole. Thick trees line the entire left side, and are to be played as a lateral hazard. The green is fairly flat and large, which provides some aid in welcoming all kinds of approach shots from many different angles. There is no OB on this hole, play all shots hit into the trees as lateral hazards.

Pro’s Tip: Long hitters will be tempted to take the route up the #3 fairway to the right of the large trees; this can be a risk since the approach to the green will have to be hit very high to carry more trees along with Olalla Creek that hugs the right side of the green. Hitting a power fade off the tee is a great play and can lead to an easy par or even birdie. Tee shots that are hit to the right are in trouble of being held up by some very large trees and can run into the creek. During the summer the slope will usually allow golf balls some extra roll yardage, so be sure to hit it high enough up the left side to allow the slope to help. The approach shot is fairly straight forward with the only bad miss is well right into Olalla Creek. This is the flattest green on the golf course, and easy to hole putts.

chippinggolf green

HOLE #6 – “Straight & Narrow” Par 5

Black Tees: 475 yards Ladies: 353 yards

The sixth hole is a par 5 that plays longer than the yardage indicates; since nearly all of it is entirely up a steep hill. It is a dogleg left, with the green very tightly pressed against a small slope & is protected by many tall and thick trees that run up the entire left side. This hole is a very intimidating view to the golfer and it is a hole that demands very straight tee shot. The fairway is slopped left to right and during the summer months, even very good drives can bounce to the right and into the trees up the right side of the fairway. Olalla Creek crosses through near the ladies tee box, and more large trees offer a “tunnel” effect when looking at the hole from the tee box. There is no OB on this hole, play any shots hit into the trees as lateral hazards.

Pro’s Tip: Be sure to find the fairway with your tee shot on this hole; a long iron or hybrid is a very smart way to play off the tee. Playing this hole as a three shot hole is the smart way to attack this hole, and usually takes the big number out of play. Big hitters than can produce a power fade off the tee and land it on the right side of the fairway, will have a chance to get on in two. Going for this green in two is not a high percentage play, but a high soft draw from the fairway with your approach will give you a putt at Eagle. The hole opens up to the right, so the higher percentage play would be a short iron for a second shot, and then a flip wedge for your third. The green is fairly flat, with a little slop left to right. Shots that miss right tend to move off the green and missing way right is no easy save either.

chippinggolf green

HOLE #7 – “Fighting Gravity” Par 4

Black Tees: 321 yards Ladies: 296 yards

The seventh hole at Olalla Valley is a favorite hole among many members & guests and provides an uphill tee shot and then a large elevation change that affects all approach shots to the green. The hole features 2 large trees that stand alone up the left side of the fairway and provide good aiming points from the tee box. The green is a kidney shaped green, and is well protected by trees on the right side. The green also is a natural amphitheater and is a great hole to take some pictures of you and your group. There is no OB on this hole, just red stakes, and lateral hazards.

Pro’s Tip:Take a long iron or hybrid off the tee, this will result in a wedge or short iron into a flat but very well guarded green. Depending on were the flag is, this can be a very difficult approach shot, it plays 1 to 2 clubs less than normal, and a tight downhill lie can also be a factor to deal with. Long hitters that can play a power fade will be rewarded with a short pitch, chip, or even a putt for eagle! But this is a very low percentage shot, but possible. Tee shots that hit in the middle of the fairway will bounce to the right of the fairway. Shots missed right are usually unplayable, or in the hazard and shots pulled off the tee left, will sometimes get a very generous bounce back to the fairway.


HOLE #8 – “Free Fall” Par 3

Black Tees: 155 yards Ladies: 115 yards

The second Par 3 on the golf course is a signature hole that allows the player to watch his or her golf ball literally fall out of the sky for a long time towards the green. This hole is very unique in that it features a rare blind tee shot to a short Par 3. This green slopes primarily left to right, with the front of the green sloped back to front. Enjoy your walk or ride down this windy cart path, as your elevation drops yet again.

Pro’s Tip: Do not duff your tee shot; the only real trouble on this hole is if you hit your tee shot fat and into the long grass on the steep slope in front of the green. Another bad miss is long and right, as there are a few trees that guard the right side of the green. This green is tricky to read, give it a little more break than normal to see those birdies roll in.

chippinggolf green

HOLE #9 – “Amphitheater” Par 5

Black Tees: 511 yards Ladies: 400 yards

The Final hole at Olalla Valley is another signature hole as it points the way back towards the clubhouse. The Ninth hole is the longest Par 5 at Olalla Valley and it features the final appearance of Olalla Creek during the round. The creek crosses over near the landing area from the tee boxes as it provides a point for golfers to decide to either lay-up, or go for it on their tee shots. Golfers cross over a wooden bridge to find a straight forward fairway that runs all the way to the green. Thick trees and red lateral hazard stakes guard the entire left side; as larger and slightly more spread out trees on the right, funnel the way to the green. The green is sloped from back to front, and features a moderately sever false front. There is also the presence of the Pro Shop, and a natural theatre like setting that wraps all the way behind the green. This is another great feature of the hole, and where is derives its name.

Pro’s Tip: This is a great finishing hole, and one for long hitters will love. It is 230 yards to carry Olalla Creek; big hitters can bang away on a driver and then have a hybrid or even iron into an easy to reach green. Short hitters should lay-up short of the creek, and play there second to about 150 yards; leaving a mid-iron into this back to front slopped green. Beware of the false front that repels balls off the green that are not hit far enough on the green. This green can be very fast when putting downhill. Out of bounds is marked by white stakes up the right side, and by the beginning of the parking lot, and the white street lines of Olalla Road on the left side.